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Garon Whited

“...the whole 'know thyself' thing isn’t a journey to a fixed destination. Learning about myself changes me, forcing me to learn more. 'Know thyself' isn’t a goal; it’s a road.”

Evan Sutter

When you don't know yourself, who you are and what you want, you just become a product of your environment - a leaf that gets blown each and every way until it just lands, in a big pile of mud, and gets stuck.

Be clear on what you want from life. Otherwise how will you find it?

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Vironika Tugaleva

To persevere is one thing, but to push on ignoring your intuition is something quite different. Self-awareness is the practice of learning the difference.

Chuck Palahniuk

Know what you really want. Know why you want it and how you will get it. That's the key!