Are you living the life that you want?

Is your life now taking shape??

I hope that what you learnt on the ‘Live an Authentic Life’ course is enabling you steer yourself towards the happiness and contentment that you know you deserve.

Change can be amazing but can also be a challenging.

Knowing the changes that you need to make and actually making them are two very different things and each one presents its own challenges.

When something is bothering us subconsciously it is very often hidden from our conscious minds.

Something may have happened when we were little and at the time we put in a coping strategy. The strategy may have been, let’s say, ‘don’t get close to people’.

If we don’t get close we can’t get hurt.

That was the reasoning when we put the strategy in place. It seemed to serve a purpose at the time and so maybe our subconscious kept the strategy in place to guard against future similar events. It’s still there in our subconscious to this day.

When we put that strategy in place, we did it to overcome that one situation and didn’t imagine that it would still be with us 10, 20 30, 40 years later. Because it was just put in place for that one event, we didn’t need to think through the implications of what the other effects might be.

If we don’t get close to others, we may not get hurt, but also we won’t experience the joy of great relationships and the support, love, affection and friendship that comes with it.

Having had this place for so long, our conscious minds will be ‘protecting’ us against getting rid of this strategy. It’s all we’ve know for so long that life without its protection may make us feel unsafe.

This is all happening subconsciously but if this is the case it’s very difficult to unearth and resolve this on our own. It’s almost as though we have a conflict of interests within ourselves.

I want to change! I want to stay safe! I want to change! I want to stay safe!

What’s your "don’t get close to people"?

"Don’t be successful / rich"

(because other people will resent you’)

"Don't be myself"

(you were always told you weren't any good)

It can be many different things.

One to one coaching is very valuable with our ingrained beliefs.

When working together, I will be listening to what you are saying and hearing the little clues that come through from your subconscious in your speech, vocabulary, tone of voice and body language.

I can spot areas that need your attention and will ask the right questions to lead your mind down the right path. In turn this will ultimately free you from the shackles of the insecurity that you’ve been suffering all these years.

It will allow you to emotionally run free and enjoy and experience life to the full.

Do you feel a resistance to change?

It may come in the form of ‘I know things aren’t right but I don’t know what needs changing’.

If so then do get in touch for a free fully confidential, no obligation chat and we can talk about what you are experiencing and how I can help.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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by Jessica Hylands Life and Confidence Coach