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James Elton

A relaxed environment that enabled me to be open and honest. 

Neal Richardson

I would hugely recommend her, she is absolutely superb!

Jon Whitehead

I have to say that the work that we did was absolutely fantastic!


I wouldn't have been able to get this far without the skill of Jessica


I would recommend her services and her time to anybody.


She makes it so easy.

It is so easy to talk to Jessica that I found myself telling her everything. She makes it so easy, it was as if we’d known each other for years. I think we must’ve known each other in a previous life!


She has an amazing knack to help you reorientate how you look at things in the past.

Phil Boorman

Thanks to Jessica for unleashing my potential......

Clare Griffiths

I was absolutely buzzing with ideas, motivation and confidence

After my first confidence coaching session with Jessica, I was absolutely buzzing with ideas, motivation and the confidence to see things through. I have never tried coaching sessions before, but I would definitely recommend them as Jessica empowered me to make business decisions with confidence and reflect on how my business offering could be enhanced.


She's really helped me with her continued encouragement and support

Georgie Tier

I can't tell you how pleased I am that I found you...

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can't tell you how pleased I am that I found you. Will put everything into practise and look forward to next time x


..very easy to open up to and non-judgemental

Emma Dudley

I felt a huge weight had been lifted...

After my first session with Jessica I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt at ease every time we met. Jessica helped me to see my bigger picture and provided me with support tools to deal with my daily challenges. I would recommend Jessica's confidence coaching to anyone that is looking to gain any confidence in any aspect of their lives. It really has enabled me to have more confidence in myself and to realise my potential, it has also benefited personal relationships with friends and family and my career.


A huge thank you for a life changing experience

Jeannie Gordon

Feeling uplifted after a great session with Jessica.

Feeling uplifted after a great session with Jessica. She was easy to talk to, asked pertinent questions and came up with lots of ideas, both for my business and for me personally. I'd highly recommend her if you want to move you or your business forward and would like someone to both hold your hand and challenge you to greater things!


Very easy to talk to and very skillful

I met with Jess and she was amazing. I can thoroughly recommend her for life and business coaching. Very easy to talk to and very skillful.


Well done Jess, thank you!


She was great.

I had my first session with Jessica this morning and she was great. I have signed up to a 6 month programme."

Sally Thompson

Jessica is cool, calm and so understanding

I think Jessica is fantastic. She is cool, calm and so understanding. I wanted some help but could not put into words what I really felt and wanted, but she helped me find the words and realise I had the ability to do whatever I wanted. Thank you so much for all you have already done, and all we are going to do. Highly recommended.

Grainne Stephens

Jessica is amazing...

Jessica is amazing, she's full of positive and inspirational advice and her practical tips will help you make useful decisions and implement necessary changes that enable you to move forward

Marie Jones

..coaching skills that are worth so much to my business

Jessica has shown Coaching skills and Encouragement that are worth so much to the growth of my business. I hope to have the opportunity to work on this further.


..a million times over thank you

So thank you, a million times over thank you, you helped me cope with a tragic event with great compassion and empathy and I can't tell you how much I am in a much better place now because of your help. I don't know quite how you did it, but you really did it!!


I have benefited in multiple ways...

What initially I liked about Jessica was her positive attitude; someone who looks for the good in people and situations which was a refreshing change from all the people who complain about life. I felt totally relaxed in her company and was confident that she would be able to help me and my business grow. Jessica keeps things in perspective and will help you explore the difficult things and then look at solutions with you; these may be business or personal, and Jessica can see how these affect each other. I have benefited in multiple ways and am very grateful to Jessica for that.

Sacha Christine

What drew me was your straightforward manner and enthusiasm

What drew me to you was your straightforward manner and enthusiasm, and trust that you really could help. Then once we started working together, your ability to adapt and change the guidance you provided to what worked with me and my personality. Also your use of amusing anecdotes to illustrate a point!


..I was drawn to work with you

...... I remember how anxious and desperate I felt when we arranged the session. I was feeling overwhelmed more than anything else. I was drawn to work with you because I was looking for clarity and I trusted you to hold space for me while I explored stuff. I knew you were fairly spiritual and intuitive which is important to me, and we had shared views on the 'Universe' etc.


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