What’s wearing you out?

Anton Chekhov said:

Any idiot can face a crisis - its day-to-day living that wears you out.

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.......What's Wearing You Out?

Facing day to day stresses and strains are where most of our energies are taken up and so might be the best place to focus.

Hopefully a crisis doesn’t occur too often.


Very often what goes on day to day we accept as being the norm.

.....or being necessary......

Obligatory almost.

But is it?

What is it in your day to day life that you find a chore.

Or worse than that, find stressful, upsetting, demeaning, or just something that hangs over you like a dark cloud?

It’s such a shame for this thing to be in your life.

It will be taking the shine off of every day for you.


What is this thing in your life that makes you feel this way?

Is there any way around it?

There are two possible options:

The First

To change things so that you don’t have to do ‘the thing’.

Can you simply stop doing it?

It may be that you’ve done it for so long that you consider it a must whereas if you take a good look you may find that it’s not actually necessary.

The other way to ensure you don’t have to do ‘the thing’ is to pass it over to someone else.

It may be that they don’t mind doing it in which case they’ll be happy to take it off your hands.

Or it may be that they dislike the task marginally less than you but there is another task that they will swap for it. One that you don’t mind doing.

The Second

The second option is to change how you see the task.

Turn it into something that you enjoy. Re-framing it in your mind as a challenge, as an exercise, as training.

This second option is difficult to be specific on as it depends on you as a character and what ‘the thing’ is but do take a look at what is bothering you and consider what you can do to change things.

As far as we know we only live once so make every day count!

If this ‘thing’ is spoiling your enjoyment of each day, it needs to be attended to.

As ever if you’d like any help then you know where I am but otherwise I wish you all the best in getting 'the thing' sorted!


​Bye for now!


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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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