Are you scared?

The will to succeed is what will get you there.


Your wish to succeed, should be stronger than your fear that you will fail

Believe in yourself.

This is the key to success in whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

What is it that you would love to do?

Find your soul mate? Get fit? Make loads of money?

I wonder how long you have wanted this, and how many times you’ve tried to achieve it.

Very often the reason that we don’t achieve what we want, even though we think we are doing our best, is because whether we realise it or not, we are holding back from giving it our all.

There can be lots of reasons for this.

Maybe something in your past is holding you back. An incorrect belief about yourself, or ……………

fear of failure.

Fear of failure is often an irrational fear.

What makes you think you can’t do it?

The fear may have legs.

Perhaps it’s based on the fact that you don’t have the qualifications for the job you’re after, or you’re looking for a customer service job in France but don’t speak French.

If this is the case then the fear isn't so much a fear but a reason.

It's a reason why you aren't going for it.

That reason can be addressed.

Go and study. Get the qualification. Learn the language.

If however the fear is based simply on your belief that you might not succeed, you need to look deeper.

What makes it less likely that you will succeed compared to others who have done it before you?

Think about what it is specifically that you are afraid of.

You may discover that the fear has little to do with the task itself but something quite unrelated.

Maybe the interview for the job is being held in an area of town that you are unfamiliar with and this is what’s causing you to feel anxious; you don’t know where to go.

If this is the case then do a recce. Find out exactly how to get there and who you are to report to when you arrive.

This will ease the anxiety and leave you free to do your best at the interview.

Maybe the gym that you plan to go to is where that bully from school goes.

If this is the case, ideally you will address your continuing feelings of fear around this person but at the very least, choose another gym.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

Remember this whether you are putting off starting a business, a relationship or a knitting pattern.

It’s often not actually as scary as you think.

Go for it!

Have a fantastic day today!

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​Bye for now!

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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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