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Coaching Packages

Why take coaching over a period of time?

A problem or issue that we have in our lives is rarely an isolated thing. It's rarely just feeling shy or just feeling discontented. There will be more to it than that.

Having time to let your subconscious, and indeed your conscious mind to go over and consider the things that we discuss gives time for you to asimilate the information and come to the ideal solution.

Rushing that process can lead you to try and find an answer that seems a good fit. This answer may work for a short time and you are delighted that you have got rid of the problem. If it isn't the right solution however, you'll end up back where you started once the 'novelty' of the incorrect solution wears off.

Do give me a call and we can discuss what you're experiencing in life and which package might be the best for you.

6 Month Package



3 Month Package



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Telephone:  01323 648819