Finding Love

Looking for love can seem daunting

Whether you are recently single or have recently just made the decision to start dating again, finding love can feel a bit daunting.

Apart from the fact that you may feel you are out of practice, it may be the case that you don’t know where people go to meet partners these days.

There are lots of different ways of meeting prospective partners and it will depend on your level of confidence and preference of places to socialise as to which way would suit you best.

Which is the best way for you to meet a partner?

There is the conventional way of meeting someone in a bar or a club, but if you really don’t enjoy these venues, there would be little point in going there to meet someone.

Firstly because you are unlikely to be able to be naturally yourself in a place where you are not comfortable, and secondly, you’re likely to meet someone who likes to go to pubs or clubs regularly, which may be a stumbling block should you get together.

There is on-line dating, and there are dating agencies. You may need to be quite confident for this approach. There is arguably a greater chance of finding love with this method as everyone ‘in the room’ is looking for a partner. Whilst it may have greater odds of success, there will also potentially be a lot of rejections. If your confidence isn’t as high as you’d like and are feeling a bit nervous and fragile in this area, you may need to think about how you would feel about showing interest in someone for them to say, no thanks.

A very good way to build confidence with new potential partners is to meet people in general, both male and female, in a quest to widen your general circle of friends.

Every time you meet a new friend, you’re not only meeting them, but all of their friends and family in terms of who they know that is single.

You’ll have a great time getting out and about with these new friends, building confidence, and potentially meet new partners too.

Remember that you may not recognise the love of your life at first glance.

It may be after a few meetings with a particular group of new friends that you find yourself being drawn to someone. A persons sense of humour, intellect, kindness or indeed shared interests, aren’t always immediately apparent.

If you are in business, then business networking groups are a great way to meet new people.

Again, they may not necessarily be single, although statistically some of them will be, but it will be new groups to go out and have fun with.

Who knows who you’ll meet?

An evening course at college may be an opportunity to find love.

You choose the course that would attract the sort of people that you would like. You will meet new friends at the very least, and again, increase your confidence around new people.

Salsa,Le-Roc, Rock’n’ Roll and even line dancing are great places to go. The format with most Salsa and Le-Roc classes is that they have a lesson at the beginning of the evening where you are lined up. They then rotate the partners so that everyone gets the chance to dance with several people.

An easy introduction as it’s done for you!

Getting to know lots of people means you can practice your social skills

When the time comes that you meet someone special, you will be well rehearsed in being open and friendly with them.

Once you have this new found confidence in yourself, you may feel ready to try on-line dating, an agency, or maybe speed-dating. It can be fun and as long as you treat it as such, you won’t be disappointed.

Some top tips for dating:

1. Let everyone know you’re single and looking for a partner.

If they don’t know, then they may not think to mention you to their gorgeous cousin who’s also on their own.

2. Be prepared.

Build up your confidence generally before launching yourself onto the dating scene.

Without confidence you are likely to feel more hurt and rejected if you don’t find love.

If you're not coming from a place of confidence it could be that you will choose the first person with whom the opportunity presents itself, whether they are suitable or not. This will also apply if you are in too much of a hurry. I know it’s frustrating but it’s not something in which you can guarantee success at any particular time or venue. The further you caste your net, the more chance you’ll have of catching what you’re after. By casting your net wide, by this I mean meeting as many new friends as you can, there is more likely to be your soul mate amongst them.

3. While you’re waiting for love to fly in through the window, be happy with being single.

Enjoy yourself and be natural. This is the person that you want ‘The One’ to fall in love with.

I do hope that you find these tips useful and that they bring you what you’re looking for.

If you’d like individual help, please do call for a free chat to see whether we click and whether you’d like us to work together to find you the relationship that you want and deserve.

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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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