Its not like it used to be…..

When were the good old days for you?


The 1970's?

The 90's? 

Maybe for you were the noughties.

Why can't things be like they were in the good old days?

Whenever it was for you, it's easy to look back and imagine that it was all lovely and easy back then.

Of course if you were to be transported back to that time you'd find that you still had problems, just different ones. 

You'd probably find that you still had the same insecurities and hang-ups that you have now.

It's easy to look back through rose coloured retinas and only see the good bits.

It always snowed at Christmas.

It was sunny all through the summer.

The reality is that we choose to see what we want when we look back.

I remember watching the TV programme Life on Mars which was set in the 70's. I watched it thinking 'Oh life was so much simpler and easier then...' 

...But hang on....I was around at that time!

Of course it wasn't easier then.

It was just as good as it is now.

It was also just as bad as it is now.

It was just different.

Looking back - we can pick the things we want to remember. These will generally be the good bits.

We may acknowledge the uncomfortable or bad bits but we don't let them overshadow the good stuff.

So why is that different today?

Why do we allow the bad bits today to take hold and ruin our fun, happiness or generally enjoyment of every day?

Today's bad bits are tomorrows chip paper.

When you look back at today in 20 years time, how will you remember it?

Whatever is going on for you at the moment, this is a flash in time.

When you look back, what you're experiencing now may seem small and insignificant. 

If you're experiencing a big thing at the moment, it may not seem insignificant when you look back but you'll see that you got through it in some way or other.

Don't be so harsh on the 'now'!

Look at your life and appreciate it in the same way that you will when you look back at it in 5, 10, 20 years time. 

​The good times are now!!!!!

Enjoy them!

(Although do pay attention to any insecurities or hang-ups that you realise you've had for many years. These will be tainting your life in many ways). 

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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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