Are you any good?

Are you the best that you can be?


When you go to bed at night are you pleased with your day?

Not necessarily with what may or may not have happened but with the way that you handled yourself.

Did you scowl at the shop assistant when you couldn’t find the item that you wanted?

Huff and puff at a pensioner because you were in a hurry and they couldn’t move out of your way quickly enough?

It’s important that we are happy with how we conduct ourselves.

Our negative actions towards others are symptoms of other things going on inside.

We need to be clear of whatever is causing this negativity in order for us to be completely happy.

If we don’t like ourselves then others are likely to pick up on this and take it as an instruction. It's as if we're sending out the message:  'I'm  not worth liking.' 

It will make it difficult for us to get properly close to others too.

If we aren’t happy with the way that we act towards others, we are likely to feel bad about ourselves generally and therefore about everything that we do.

This may not be on a conscious level but your self-esteem will be taking a bashing from this negativity.

If you  recognise this negativity in yourself, taker a closer look.

Is the negativity born out of some sort of unhappiness inside of you?

If so, identify what it's about and start to resolve it.

If you find this difficult I'd love to help so please do get in touch and we can have a chat about it.

Let's banish the negative feelings and bring out the calm and happy person that you are inside.

Looking forward to speaking soon.

​Bye for now!


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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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