What is confidence doing for you?

Is confidence that important?

"I've got through life quite happily so far 'faking' it."

You may well indeed have got through life without having real inner confidence.

It's like a bar of chocolate.

 Or a cream cake.

 Or whatever your favourite treat might be. 

How can confidence be like a bar of chocolate?

It's like it in the sense that you didn't know how good chocolate was until you tasted it.

Or butternut Squash.

Or whatever makes you go "ooooooo!"

The same applies to feeling confident inside.

You've got by quite happily in life without having inner confidence.


 on a scale of 1 - 10, where is your happiness?

If you've always lacked self-confidence then on your personal scale, you may feel it's a 10.

You've never felt better than this so it must therefore be a 10.

Mustn't it?

But once you've tasted chocolate and you know how good it is, your 'getting by' score may now seem like a 5.

Have a think about it.

Do you want to live your life on a nice steady 5/10 or would you rather have the feelings that go with a 10/10?

For me, being confident means that I feel whole.

I feel worthy.

I feel lovable.

I trust in my choices.

I can make decisions easily. 

How would you describe it?

Would you like to be a 10/10?


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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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