Confidence is as important as ability

Confidence is just as important as ability.

If you expect to fail at something, you probably will. If you have the confidence to expect to succeed, again, you probably will.

Your mind accepts that what you are thinking is correct and it will do what it can to prove it.

Different expectations reap different results.

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In one study, after completing a particular task, some participants were told that they had performed above average, and some that they had performed below average, regardless of how they had actually done. On a second task, those that had been told that they had performed well, did even better, and those who were told they performed poorly, did even worse.

What we believe to be true, really does matter

Our confidence affects our thought patterns and our belief systems. This includes our beliefs about ourselves and our abilities.

If in the above example, had each believed in themselves and their abilities, the results would have been the same on the first and second test.

It was the fact that someone set their expectations differently that caused them to do better or worse.

Always expect the best.

We all know people who sail through things, getting all the support that they need from others, or getting the promotions at work or getting all the attention socially.

What’s the difference between them and the people who experience the opposite?

Could it be that they know that they are worthy of it all?

They know that they deserve it and they expect to get it?

In other words, they are confident that their expectations will be met.

They are simply more confident.

The more you believe in yourself and your abilities, the better you will do in every area of life.

Banish negative thinking – it only serves to hold you back.

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