Are you satisfied with what you’ve got?

Are you happy with what you've got?


Are you envious of others?

"It’s alright for them. They have a nice house and a car and lots of friends........... It’s alright for them."

What do you suppose they see when they look at you?

They may well be saying:

"It’s alright for her. She has a lovely partner and two gorgeous children. It’s alright for her."

We can often miss the joy of what we have because we spend more time comparing it to what we don’t have.

When comparing our situations to others, the reality is that we can’t tell how it compares.

They may have a new car but never be able to sleep because the repayments on the loan for it are crippling them.

They may take three holidays abroad every year but would give it up in an instant if they could just get pregnant.

They may be out on the town every other night but would be far happier with a faithful partner and a night in watching telly.

There are endless different scenarios and we’re not likely to ever know the full truth about someone else’s life – even if they are a close friend.

Appreciate what you have as someone out there is looking at you with the same envy that you feel for others.

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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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