Christmas alone can be hard

Whatever the reason you are alone this Christmas, it might not be easy.


If you’re having to spend Christmas alone, it can seem as though the whole of the world is having fun except you.

It feels as though everyone else is feeling loved and cherished, apart from you.

The reality is of course that a lot of people, whilst they are with their families, are not having a good time at all.

Small consolation if you are alone, I know.

Whatever the reason that you are alone today, remember that it is only one day and it will soon pass.

To alleviate the feeling that you are all alone, perhaps you could seek out a public event where there will be lots of people. The bandstand where they may be playing carols perhaps.

Take a walk in the park – people will still be out walking their dogs. It may make you feel less alone to be able to exchange pleasantries with a few people.

During the coming year, you can work on whatever it is in your life that has culminated in this situation to ensure that next Christmas, you will be doing whatever it is that you want to.

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​Bye for now and I'm with you in spirit. Jxx

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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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