Can you save the planet with a piece of paper?

Instructions in the video below!

All of us have a responsibility in taking action to save the planet.

When synthetic materials were first used for every day items, how fantastic it seemed!

Plastic is the most amazing thing!

So versatile, so easy to use, so easy to keep clean. 

If we could have seen into the future and seen it's secondary effects, I wonder whether we would have used it quite so readily?

Plastic isn't the only thing of course and there are a lot of other pollutants that we need to be worried about.

Generally speaking, those that are causing the pollution - and that's you and me in our day to day lives - are not the ones who are suffering.


The sufferers are wildlife and the human generations to come. 

Wildlife is suffering now.

What will the world look like in a few years time if we don't sort this out?

The video shows one easy step that some of us can use to extend our current efforts.

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Speak soon.

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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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