Has your New Year started well?

Has your New Year started well?

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This can be a brilliant and exciting time of year, or it can feel as though there's a big hill in front of us to climb.

The New Year can be a funny time.

Are you raring to go, full of plans and ideas?

Or are you someone for whom January certainly doesn't feel like the time to be setting goals and feel enthusiastic?

To be honest, the New Year doesn't mean much to me in terms of 'New Year New Start'.

I do find though that over Christmas I've generally had a little bit more time to stop and think.

The regular 'busy-ness' of my life changes. Probably still busy with things in the diary but its a different kind of busy. 

It feels  to me as though the world goes to sleep for a few days.

Most people are holed up in their homes. The streets are empty. There's not all the usual noise going on.

I find that relaxing.

This give me the chance to let my mind settle and to think. 

The act of doing that tends to bring forth ideas.

It wakes up dreams that I'd forgot I wanted to achieve.

Once everything goes back to normal after the festivities, I feel full of enthusiasm for the ideas I've been having. 

Maybe this can be for you too.

It's not necessarily about joining in with the New Year's Resolution hype.

It's about you.    


Do it for yourself,

 not just because it's New Year and everyone's at it.

Let me know how you get on!

Look forward to speaking soon,

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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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