Can you turn it?

Can I turn my life around to be happy ?

In short - yes.

But what is the issue in your life that you’re not happy with?

What is the bit of grit in your shoe that bothers you so much that it hampers your everyday life and stops you walking forwards?

This may be something small or something massive.

It could be something that isn’t serving you well or adding value, right through to something that is making you downright miserable.

Whatever it is, look at what your ideal outcome

would be.

The ultimate outcome may be to get rid of it from your life for good, or to make some small adjustments for it to be right.

Even with a massive problem, it doesn’t have to be a massive change to rectify things.

As with the bit of grit in your shoe, if it’s been there for long enough, it will feel like a rock. The solution is simply to remove the small piece of grit. This in turn will make walking easier, enable you to concentrate better and participate in more activities. All because you removed the small bit if grit.

If your relationship is the problem area, it may not be a case of wanting to leave. You may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater if you do this.

It could be that a bit of consideration from your other half would be enough to make you happy again. Their lack of consideration over the years may have grown into something of a massive brick for you.

If your piece of grit is your job. Rather than leaving the field or firm altogether, again, a couple of small changes may allow you to enjoy it again.

It may be a case of changing your hours, desk, assistant……

Look at the alternatives

What change could you make that would make the situation better for you?

If the change needs to come from the other person, there are ways that your actions will change theirs. This is a topic all of its own and I will get to that in a future article.

So in order to make changes in your life to be happy, you need to know exactly what it is that you need to change for that to happen.

To then implement those changes, we need confidence in ourselves and belief in the changes that we want to make.

A great place to start is get to know ourselves better.

To know the life that we want and deserve and to feel justified and happy about going for it.

Think hard about what you want from life. What needs to happen for you to be happy?

When you discover what you really want

then have belief in yourself that you can have it.


1. Write down what you want in life

2. Look at why you want it - this will clarify whether your first thought is correct.

3. Put a plan in effect to achieve it.

Remember....if nothing changes, nothing changes.

If you need my help then you know where I am but otherwise,

think hard about what you want, why you want it, and how you will go about getting it! 

It's yours for the taking.


by Jessica Hylands Life and Confidence Coach