Can you do it?

Can you make yourself a happy life?

The answer is most definitely yes.

The first step in being able to create your ideal life is to know what that looks like.

We need to know what we are heading towards in order to be able to take the first step towards it..

Have you decided what your next goal is in life?

Do you want to be living in a far off land or would you just like some more time in your day to do the things that you enjoy?

Whatever your goal is, in your minds eye, look at the journey from where you are now to where you want to be.

Let’s use one of the above as an example.

So, you want to live in a far off land.

The things that you might need to do between now and when you are settled there, is to look at:

1. What will you do for work to support yourself in this new place?

2. Where will you live and how much will that cost you?

3. Is it an English speaking place or do you need to learn another language?

4. What do you need to tie up in your current situation before you can go?

Now we have the fundamental steps that we need to look at.

We will take each step in turn and break it down further.

Number one: What will you do for work to support yourself in this new place?

1. Do I need to get any qualifications? Maybe my current ones aren’t valid in this new place.

2. What is the availability of this type of job?

3. What are the wages – proportionately a similar level to here? Enough to support me?

4. And so on

Again look at each step in turn and break it down again:

Number one: Do I need to get any qualifications? Maybe my current ones aren’t valid in this new place.

1. Research necessity for new qualification

a. Call embassy

b. Check out training: cost, availability, eligibility

Once you’ve done this with every step, you will have a list of things that you can do RIGHT AWAY to get started on making your idea of a new life a reality.

An idea without any action is just a story.

How long have you been dreaming of this story?

We can find ourselves saying ‘When such and such happens, I’m going to do that.’

When I retire I’m going to start growing my own vegetables.

When I’ve paid of the mortgage I’m going to go on a world cruise.

When the kids leave home I’m going to treat myself to a massage every week.

If you find yourself thinking these things, the reality is that these are just stories and you will never get around to doing them. Why? Because the likelihood is that if you REALLY wanted to do it them, you’d be doing it now.

There may be reasons that you aren’t doing them now. You don’t have the confidence, or you don’t have the know-how. Maybe its because you don't have a plan with specific steps as to how to achieve it (see above!)

MAYBE it’s the dream that’s wrong.

That’s a whole other story so lets assume for this article that the dream is correct.

In fact do some extra dreaming…..imagine that you have achieved this dream. When you really think about living it, does it light you up the right way or is there something off about it?

If something doesn't feel right then that needs looking at separately but assuming the dream is good and really is what you would like, make a plan.





Now you know the first step - take it!

If you need my help then you know where I am but otherwise,

whether it's a leap or a tiny step, it's the first one and vitally important so well done! 

by Jessica Hylands Life and Confidence Coach