Does the Law of Attraction work?

If you’re not familiar with this concept, it says that we put out to the universe what we want, and it will deliver.

So if you want to attract money into your life you can ask for it and it will appear.


There's a little more to it than that though.

I believe that you have to take into account your subconscious wishes too.

The idea for this blog came to me the other night as I was sitting watching telly.

To set the scene: I’m single and happily so.

I like the freedom that it gives me. I like being able to choose what I do when I do it.

For example I can stay in if I want, or I can go out.

My mode d’emploi when I’m at a party is to leave while I’m still having fun.

If I'm on my own I can choose to do this.

I don’t wait until I start to flag before making the decision to leave.

If I want to paint the bathroom black, then I can unilaterally decide to do so without having to worry about whether someone else likes it or not.


​And of course loads of other more important reasons but you get the gist.

Is this selfish?

I don’t believe so.

I think it’s about being aware of what I want and how I want to live my life. and setting it up accordingly.

So back to the point of the blog.

I've finished my glass of wine and nibbles and I’m sitting there watching TV on my own.  

It occurred to me that at that point in an evening, many people may feel lonely and wish that they had a partner.

What they may actually be after is just someone to get them another drink.

My thought was not

'I wish I had a partner'


'I wish I had a butler.'


It wasn’t that I wanted someone to share in the joy of the moment.

I simply wanted someone to fill my glass with wine and get me some more food.

So how does this relate to whether the law of attraction works or not?

I hasten to add that these are only my personal theories on the Law of Attraction. I don’t know whether they are right or not.

So why write this then?

Well I think that these principles apply with or without the Law of Attraction coming into play.

If we focus on something, we are likely to subconsciously work towards it.

If we’re focusing on the wrong thing then once we reach our goal we feel disappointed.

That’s because we were aiming for the wrong goal.

Have you ever experienced that?

You were expecting to feel ecstatic about achieving something but you just felt flat instead?

If we aim for the wrong goal there’s no reason to feel excitement when we reach it because it isn’t fulfilling a need in us.


I believe it’s the same with The Law of Attraction.

We can ask for the wrong thing and be disappointed when it’s delivered.

So back to my experience while watching telly the other night.

Let's say that I mistook my need for someone – anyone – to get me another glass of wine with being lonely and needing a partner.

I may then have put out to the universe to find me  Mr. Right.

The universe knew I actually wanted a butler and so when the butler arrived I might have thought that the universe hadn’t delivered what I’d asked for. I'd asked for Mr. Right.

So when something is delivered, whether we recognise it as correct or not, is it the universe, coincidence or your subconscious working for you?

Something happened recently that seemed beyond a coincidence....

I had been trying for years to find a rope lead that was small enough to suit my dog. All those that I could find were for big dogs.

Whilst away recently I came across a small independent pet shop called The One with the Waggily Tail - love it!

And what did I find in there?!

Yes! Some rope leads that were small enough to suit my dog!


My favourite colour is purple (you guessed?) but they didn’t have that colour so I bought a black one and a red one.

I was thrilled skinny!

Every time I picked up one of these leads I thought

'I want one in purple.'

The following week I was taking my dog Bibs for a play on the beach.

What did I find?

Not only a purple rope lead but the exact same make as the ones I'd just purchased!

The tide was coming in and the lead was right by the water’s edge so the sea would have taken it within a minute or so had I not been there and picked it up.

Spooky but a great find!

Was that the universe delivering or was it coincidence?

I’m not sure my subconscious is able to manifest something like that so it must be one of the former!


Whether you believe it’s the universe delivering or your subconscious, you need to be clear on what you want.

If you’re not, you will be chasing up the wrong tree, wasting your time and energy.

Sometimes this can go on for years; maybe chasing the wrong career, the wrong relationship or the wrong something else.

If you'd like some help to get clear on your dreams and goals then please do get in touch.

Whether you want to work towards them or put your request out to the universe, you need to be clear on what you want!

I hope to speak with you soon but otherwise I hope you enjoy your cosmic ordering!!

​Bye for now!


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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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