Will you do it?

If you want to do something, who do you tell?


Who you choose to tell could be a critical decision

Have you ever had the experience of being really excited by the idea of doing something?!

You mention it to someone and they give you every reason as to why it's not a good idea.

Oh No! 


There can be a lot of reasons as to why others might discourage you.

If you ask one of your parents whether something is a good idea, their reply might be tempered by 'Is it dangerous?' 'Will they get hurt?' 'Will they like it?'

If you ask them whether moving away from home is a good idea they might say 'No!' because they fear they won't see you often enough.

If you ask a sibling whether moving away is a good idea, they may say 'Yes!' because it means they'll get the bedroom (or car) all to themselves.

Everyone has their own agenda whether they are consciously aware of it or not.


Their advice may not be affected by their own agenda but by their assumptions:

A friend may say that starting a career as a vet is a bad idea.

They may have in the back of their minds that time at Girl Guide camp when you were petrified of a hedgehog. They don't consciously remember the incident but just remember that you and animals aren't a good mix. 

There are many many reasons as to why someone might discourage you from doing something.

Not all of them mean that you shouldn't do it. 


Be careful who you share your ideas with until you've thought them through.

If you have an idea about doing something, whatever it is, however big or small, think about it.

Go through the pros and cons yourself.

You will know what constitutes a pro or a con in your eyes. 

Then come to your decision before speaking to anyone else. 

For sure, check through things with others.

Get some feedback.

But if you've been through the whole thought process yourself then you will be ready for the comments that might otherwise have put your off. 

You'll be ready with answers to any possible objections that might be raised.

Naturally, if there are reasonable objections that you should look look at then do so.


Do it!

If it doesn’t work out, they may say I told you so, but if you hadn’t tried it, you wouldn’t know how it would turn out.


It’s OK when things don’t work out.

As Edison would tell you, when asked if you’ve failed, you say ‘No, I haven’t failed, I found the way that doesn’t work’.

Another person's reservations about going ahead, aren't yours.

If you want to do it, do it.

When you tell a child not to do something, very often they will do that very thing, because they need to see for themselves what will happen.

The same applies to us as adults. We can’t always learn through other peoples experiences.

Do your research, check your actions are reasonable and if they are, do it.

If it doesn’t work, try something else.

Being the real you and doing what you want may feel a daunting prospect if you've spent years being the person that others think you should be. 

We are only likely to regret the things that we didn't do, not the things that we did.

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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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