What if……?

What if….?

These two words can sometimes be the bane of our lives.

We can find all sorts of disasters to worry about, even though they haven’t happened and aren’t necessarily going to happen.

Can you remember the last time you did this?

Sometimes we create a 'What if...'  problem because we’re genuinely worried about something.

What if so-and-so is cross with me?, when we know we’ve done something worthy of them being upset.

“What if this cake doesn’t rise?”, when we did it from memory because we couldn’t find the cookbook.

And sometimes we might create a problem for no real reason at all.

You may be tired, frustrated, or unhappy.

In order to try and make sense of the negative feeling that might overwhelm you at this time, you try and justify it to yourself.

"What if I never progress in my career / never fall in love / never lose this weight?"

You then create a whole scenario around this situation that you fear will transpire, which makes you feel even worse.

Whichever situation you recognise as a habit of yours, this video might help you to get rid of the ‘What if’s’ and make for a more enjoyable day-to-day life!

Do let me know how you get on!

As always, if you'd like some help, do get in touch for a chat.

Look forward to speaking soon!

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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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