How’s the Lockdown going for you?


Is this you or are you loving it?

Another video created during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Any issue that arises in this situation is often just a condensed version of what we experience day to day.

The same principles apply.

At the time of writing, we are five and half weeks into being confined pretty much to home.

This will seem such a weird concept when we are looking back on it.

We may not remember how we spent our days.

It may be like looking back on school summer holidays and remembering it as sunny and fun every day.

Or perhaps the opposite.  

Either way, I hope that we remember the good changes that we’ve had to make and continue to implement them once it’s not mandatory.

The planet is loving that we aren’t traveling so much.

Less pollution from cars, ships, and planes.

Whilst everyone is loving seeing the planet have time to recover a little, I’m not so sure that holidays will be forfeited to keep it going!

We can but hope.

If you’re looking back from the future at this blog, did you make any promises or plans for yourself that have slipped by the wayside?

I’d love to hear!

As ever, do call if I can help. 

Look forward to speaking soon,

Video Transcript

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by Jessica Hylands Confidence Coach

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